Indian Head Massage

I also practise Indian Head Massge (IHM). Indian Head Massage or Champissage as it is sometimes known is a simple, safe and highly beneficial therapy which has been popular throughout the Indian sub-continent for over a thousand years

The scalp, face, upper back, neck and shoulders are massaged during a treatment. This comforts and re-balances the energy flow to produce a relaxed feeling of peace and tranquillity.

The head, neck and shoulders are where tension is most likely to accumulate, during a treatment it is gently, rhythmically and firmly massaged away leaving you feeling centred and ready to face the world.

By stimulating scalp circulation, Indian head massage relaxes the scalp and tones up the subcutaneous muscles, relieving eye strain and headaches and improving concentration, it also works on the more subtle level of the body by bringing about balance within the chakras. It also eliminates muscle tension and restores joint movement by stretching and mobilising the tissues of the neck and shoulders. It is therefore, especially beneficial to office workers who sitting at a computer all day often experience pain and stiffness in these areas.

If you choose almond oil or an aromatherapy hair treatment oil this will give you the additional benefit of nourishing the hair roots, promoting improvement in the texture and growth of the hair and even reducing hair loss. A blissfully relaxing experience, the ultimate in indulgence!


  • Relieves stress and associated aches and pains (headaches, eyestrain etc)
  • Relieves tension in the neck, shoulders and head
  • A safe treatment to have during pregnancy
  • Helps sleep
  • Helps unblock sinuses
  • Promotes healthy and strong hair
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increased nourishment and oxygen to the muscles and scalp
  • Re-alignment of the body’s chakras
  • Creates a true sense of peace and calmness as stagnant energy is released and the body’s energy flow is rebalanced
  • Refreshes and revitalises the mind and body
  • Increased alertness and concentration